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What is Steem?
The creators of Steem tout it as a social media platform that allows its users to profit from content creation while establishing a revolutionary platform that disrupts traditional models such as Facebook, YouTube or Reddit, The most important thing is that Steem It'll be never like Facebook or other Social Media platforms.
Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community with near-instant transaction times and zero transaction fees. Steem blockchain produces STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS which are tradeable tokens users obtain for posting, discovering, and commenting on interesting content.
The official website: 
The official blog 1: 
@steemitblog will now be dedicated to communicating with the widest swath of Steem users.
The official blog 2: 
@steemitdev will be dedicated to communicating with Steem developers: the people who will be designing and building the applications that will help bring Steem to the masses. 
Smart Media Tokens: 
With SMTs you can launch your own tokens, run an ICO, generate income out of your websites or blogs by monetizing them unlike ever before. Traditionally most website owners were largely dependent on ad-revenue or affiliate sales. But now you can easily monetize your content and community with blockchain technology and crypto tokens. 
Block Explorer 1:
Here you will find all the information that is recorded in Blockchain. By @roadscape 
Block Explorer 2: 
Open source blockchain explorer and data playground. By @jesta 
Source Code:
Steem is now Open Source.
The Steemit Shop: 
Steemit has partnered with a team of e-commerce professionals to launch an online store full of Steem-brand merchandise available for purchase with your hard-earned STEEM and SBD!
STEEM is the central currency on Steem blockchain. It’s a cryptocurrency or “token” very similar to Bitcoin. You can earn STEEM by blogging, commenting and upvoting content on Steemit, Busy,, etc. This section of the wallet shows your “liquid” STEEM meaning you can withdraw these tokens at any time. You can also move STEEM to STEEM POWER in a process called "Powering Up".
This is just STEEM locked up in a way to affect your voting power/payouts. The more you have in SP, the more you get from upvotes and also the more your are able to give out VIA an upvote. It is your power on the site. If you put STEEM into SP , it takes 13 weeks of equal payments to exit SP back into regular STEEM that you can sell on an exchange. Most people put everything into SP if they are long on the platform. The more SP you have, the more valuable your vote becomes. Unlike the liquid STEEM in the first section, SP is locked in unless you click “Power Down”.
SBD is "Steem backed dollars" used to help assist with the economics of STEEM , it creates liquidity and also helps stabilize STEEM value. People on here use SBD to pay for services like @randowhale, @minnowbooster and to tip people above and beyond an upvote for great content or great service to the Steem community. Value-wise, SBD are designed (algorithmically) to equal approximately $1.00 USD. You can earn SBD by blogging and commenting on Steemit, Busy,, etc. Just like STEEM, this section of your wallet is liquid, meaning you can withdraw these tokens at any time or you can “convert” your SBD to STEEM. 

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It went great, we were talking about all the possibilities of these platforms. it's time to consider replacing Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

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