Monday, March 12, 2018

Open Source Project to earn SBD as rewards
Utopian is a platform that is connected with the Steem Blockchain. Utopian is the only and first platform in The World rewarding Open Source contributors and it is doing that with Steem Utopian rewards Open Source contributors for their work. Utopian was born to be Crowdfunding / Crowdsourcing platform for Open Source projects, where everyone, with no budget but a good project, could eventually share it with the Open Source community, get it done and access investments / donations to further improve it."
I think Utopian is to be the "Github of Steem
apps app social media frontend If you want to learn more about Utopian. Please click the link below:

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It went great, we were talking about all the possibilities of these platforms. it's time to consider replacing Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

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