Monday, March 12, 2018

Steem It
Steemit is the most popular interface to the Steem blockchain and has thousands of users using it. 
Steemit is a blogging platform that allows people to post and engage in a voting process that pays people in a cryptocurrency for their content. Each day new STEEM currency is created, and a portion goes to the daily pool for author and voter curation rewards. The more STEEM POWER (SP) you have, the more your vote attributes a larger portion of the daily pool to the posts you vote for. Getting more SP requires posting content to get upvoted, engaging in vote curation, or buying STEEM and Powering it Up as SP. To get a a payout on your posted content, the quantity of upvotes matters, but more so is the amount of SP the people who vote for you have
(For example, if one user had 1,000 SP and another had 10,000 SP, it's clear that the latter has a more powerful account than the former. The effect of each of those two people voting on a piece of content is not equal; specifically, the user with 10,000 SP's vote is worth more).

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It went great, we were talking about all the possibilities of these platforms. it's time to consider replacing Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

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