Thursday, March 29, 2018

The next-generation, reward-based social media APP that runs on top of a Blockchain!

Appics is a mobile social media application that runs on top of the Steem Blockchain and was created with full support of Steemit Inc.

Similar to Steemit, users earn rewards in form of cryptocurrency by creating and curating content. But in contrast to Steemit, Appics is a mobile application that focuses on instant sharing and fast consuming of visual content like pictures and videos, as seen on one of the fastest growing social media applications in the world, Instagram.
Social Media users spend so many hours everyday creating and sharing content – but they don’t earn anything from it. That’s why Appics aims to give people back their return-on-investment and reward its users by turning “likes” into currency!

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It went great, we were talking about all the possibilities of these platforms. it's time to consider replacing Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

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